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Welcome to the Sampson Community Club's website.

     Our user-friendly site offers information about the Sampson Community Club, a nonprofit organization founded in 1955, its members, and special events.  This month, we have updated the Home and Squeaky Squirrel pages.  We have an e-mail address: Check our 2015 Calendar for other events and information.

* * * * *   

       Pig Roast                                

                         at Sampson Schoolhouse                               August 1, 2015   Noon

      Fun, good food, and great companionship centered on a delicious, slow-roasted pig.  For the annual Pig Roast, please bring a dish to share and your appetite!
     Coordinator:   Bob Ahrendts, (303) 697-8021.
     $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child, children under 5 eat free.

* * * * *

    Wacky Wednesday Potluck lunch

August 19, 2015  Noon

     Bring something yummy to eat and have a delicious lunch, share ideas, recipes, & make new friends!

     After lunch, stay awhile and crochet, knit, make jewelry, string beads, etc.  We'll simply share some time working on our projects, sharing craft tips and knowledge and enjoy ourselves!                             

* * * * * 


     Announcing                                 October Hogwarts Session

     Is your child/children interested in attending an October 10, 2015 Hogwarts Session?

     Our agenda would include a Quidditch tournament, gourd and pumpkin toss, pumpkin relay, classes, and, of course, the feast in the great dining hall.

     Some of our Professors and staff are happily willing to come out of retirement for a day of classes, activities, and fall fun starting at 2:00 pm and will last until 8:00 pm. (Registration will begin promply at 1:30 pm.)  The cost is $20.00 per child.  Wizardry attire is preferred, but not required.

     Except for the classes, activities will be held outside.  Please bring a warm coat and if you need gloves, bring them, too!

     If your child/children are interested in attending, please call Virginia at (303) 697-7272 or Professor Wysard at (303) 697-2558.  We need a large attendance for this session, at least 30 students.    

     Sorry, former students and graduates, but the age cut-off is 14.  


 * * * * *




                     The Sampson Schoolhouse,                                                  The Lamb Schoolhouse,                              built in 1926.                                                              built in 1920, was lost in the                                                                                                          Lower North Fork wildfire in 2012.                              Photos by ?                                                                   Photos by Miss Dee.

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