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Sampson Community Club

          Welcome to the Sampson Community Club's website.  Our address is 16150 W. Sampson Road, Littleton, CO 80127, e-mail address is

* * * * *

     Thursday Potluck lunch at NOON

       August 11, September 8, October 13, and November 10.  Coordinator:  Virginia Temmer, or (303) 697-7272.

* * * * *

    Farewell party for Jan Clawson Sampson Schoolhouse August 21, 2016  2:00PM                                  

     Please come to extend well wishes to Jan Clawson, our wonderful, thoughtful, and good neighbor and the Sampson Community Club's Vice-President of many years.

     Coordinator:  Virginia Temmer, (303) 697-7272.     

* * * * *



                     The Sampson Schoolhouse,                                                  The Lamb Schoolhouse,                              built in 1926.                                                              built in 1920, was lost in the                                                                                                          Lower North Fork wildfire in 2012.                              Photos by ?                                                                   Photos by Miss Dee.

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