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Welcome to the Sampson Community Club's website.

     Our user-friendly site offers information about the Sampson Community Club, a nonprofit organization founded in 1955, its members, and special events.  This month, we have updated the Home page.  We have an e-mail address:

Our 2015 Calendar has been posted!


* * * * * 

    Wacky Wednesday Potluck lunch will now be followed by some time working on our craft projects! Bring your yarn & crochet hooks/knitting needles, bead box, etc.

June 17, 2015  Noon

     Bring something yummy to eat and have a delicious lunch, share ideas, recipes, & make new friends!

     After lunch, stay awhile and crochet, knit, make jewelry, string beads, etc.  We'll simply share some time working on our projects, sharing craft tips and knowledge and enjoy ourselves!                             

* * * * * 

     Sampson School Alumni Reunion   June 27, 2015   Noon    

* * * * * 




                     The Sampson Schoolhouse,                                                  The Lamb Schoolhouse,                              built in 1926.                                                              built in 1920, was lost in the                                                                                                                               Lower North Fork wildfire in 2012.                              Photos by ?                                                                   Photos by Miss Dee.

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